Quarry House

Value: withheld
Client: Mr. Nick Roberts
Construction: May, 2006
Munkenbeck+Marshall project, Stephen Marshall Partner in charge

The owner purchased a house with a substantial back garden and in addition purchased a small local stone quarry next door. To keep the house low, the principal reception room plus master bedroom are within the zinc clad curve. Children’s’ bedrooms and other rooms cascade down the stone edge as a series of steps. The materials are zinc, timber and glass.

Caro House

House for Sir Anthony Caro

This project involved the extension to the main house that had been converted to drawings prepared by Alison and Peter Smithson some four decades ago. The design proposed a simple glazed box and terrace that allowed improved access to the garden and made an extension that enjoys maximum sunshine

Chateau Engelain

Value: withheld
Client: withheld
Construction: 2010 – 2013

This project involves the complete remodelling of a fortified farmhouse in substantial grounds.

The exterior of the building has been renovated traditionally with the exception of a concrete plinth that is the continuation of the ground floor interior.

The interior of the building had been very badly remodelled in the early 1990’s and the decision was taken to remove this work in its entirety.

The new interior concept, keeps the random rubble exterior walls exposed with large linen curtains over windows. The interior walls forming stairs and fireplaces etc are made from white plaster walls. The floor is finished in screed. A restaurant was formed in one of the outhouses with a large shaded garden terrace.

House in London

Value: £200k
Client: withheld
Construction: March 2001

Munkenbeck+Marshall project, Stephen Marshall Partner in charge

The existing house was substantially demolished with a new double height living/garden room added on to the rear. The floor is finished in a warm grey Greek marble which is taken out to the garden.

A water cascade is positioned within the courtyard.

Dulwich House

Value: withheld
Client: withheld
Construction: August 2008

Munkenbeck+Marshall project, Stephen Marshall Partner in charge

This pair of Atrium Houses are built on a unique site adjacent to Dulwich Park in South London. Both houses are set within an aluminium clad gullwing roof. The plans of the houses revolve around triple height atriums giving clear views out to the existing mature trees.

Fitzaland Road

House in Italy

The refurbishment and remodelling of a farmhouse and outbuildings on a magnificent site, with fantastic views out over the Italian countryside.

The main house was re-planned with courtyards and a glazed entrance. A concrete tray was formed around the perimeter of the house with the addition of a contemporary pergola. The owner, one of Britain’s best known and successful designers played a major part in what was a highly creative and enjoyable collaboration between architect, landscape architect, and interior designer. The house is set within extensive grounds, which have been set out to a design by Arne Maynard.

House at Carrot Hill

Value: Withheld
Client: Withheld
Construction: 2014-

A new house for a couple with a large young family, located within the historic Spargrove Estate. The house replaces a smaller house and outbuildings already on the site.

The plan takes the form of a long barn on two levels from which projects the family kitchen with the master bedroom above. The barn element is positioned within the tree belt on Spargrove Lane but the projecting pavilion will have magificent views down the valley.

A “cultivated” garden is set within the rubble walled courtyard. The barn wing is formed from local fieldstone and the pavilion is formed from corton. The project has planning consent and is about to start production drawing stage.

Oxfordshire Farm

The project set within the Oxfordshire countryside involves the remodelling and extension to an existing farm house. Existing out buildings will be re-clad in oak and extensive landscaping will create a calm centre of excellence.

Shepherds Hill

The new house will replace an existing traditional structure and will be formed from traditional materials, stone, glass, and oak. An entrance courtyard is formed to the north of the entrance, screening views to the south until entering the ground floor living spaces. These spaces are open plan at ground level with bedrooms above set within two “rabbit ears” with a roof terrace between them.

The house has achieved planning consent and construction will commence shortly.